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Crew Management

Close relationships with all ship owners’ and managers’ departments enhance smooth sailing of vessels in regards to crew matters.

Our Crew Management scheme is aimed to provide freedom-of-mind to the ship managers for all the crew operations related with the selection, deployment, and successful completion of seafarers’ contract of employment, such as:

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System — Seafarer Recruitment.

MLC 2006. Recruitment and Placement

GDPR Certified-General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR)

Personalized servicing.

Providing documentation and briefing for the candidates.

Arranging Flag endorsements /CRA.

Inspection of licenses and validity of STCW-95 certificate.

Crew changes & rotation.

Arranging PCR test.

Crew welfare and crew loyalty schemes.

Support in crew training courses and certifications according to international requirements.

Initial interview and screening of the candidates.

Arranging medical & fitness examinations / certificates.

Full range of professional crew, for any type of vessel and/or size.

High availability of human resources.

Exclusive pool creation.

Excellent Budget - Performance rates etc.

Processing of documents requested case by case.

Organizing special training as per owner’s request.


ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System – Pre – Vetting Inspections

Internal auditing of the office & reporting.

Setting up of required statistical procedures (utilizing existing software and adding any additional data reporting process).

Developing company performance reports quarterly.

Setting up and following up all accidents / incidents reporting and analysis procedure.


Preparing collective analysis and performance report for the fleet on a 3-month basis, based on information gathered from:

Internal Audits reports

Visits to Vessels by Head Office Representatives

Oil Majors Vetting Inspections

Navigational Audits

External Audits

Port State Control Inspections

Class Surveys


Collating and analyze, identifying trends, of all SIRE inspections deficiencies on a 3-month basis.

Preparing the 3-month Management Review material.

Coordinating the 3-month Management Review meeting and respective minutes.

Reporting TO THE MANAGEMENT status of company’s SMS on a 3-month basis.

Preparing the TMSA reporting to the OCIMF website.

Preparing the annual collective analysis and performance report.

Preparing the annual Management Review material.

Identifying amendments to the SMS.

Updating SMS with new oil major requirements and any feedback that is available to ST Vetting Marine Solutions.

Preparing the company for any oil major office inspection.

Represent the office and company during oil major office inspection.

Carry out pre-vetting inspection and / or represent the company during vetting.

inspections (at companies will and in accordance with specific instructions issued by the company).

Propose amendments to the company’s Management System.

S&P - Ship Recycling

ISO 9001:2015 Management Quality – Sale & Purchase – Ship Recycling.

A dedicated team of experienced shipbrokers have worldwide personal connections spanning several generations.

They offer a dedicated, personal, and professional service in ship sales across all sectors of the maritime industry:

Sale & Purchase

Demolition and recycling